New clean air program moves ahead

While in negotiations over an Owens Dry Lake clean-up project, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power promised $5.6 million to the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control Project as part


This dust and clean-up demands have led to money from LADWP and a new clean air program.

of the deal.  They money will go toward clean air projects in Inyo, Mono and Alpine counties.  Recently, the APCD board contracted with Lisa Isaacs of Mono County to administer the program.

Isaacs has experience in local environmental program management and other community programs.  In a press release, Isaacs said that the LADWP paid the $5.6 million to “offset excess air emissions from the Owens Lake bed caused by LADWP’s diversions.”  The money has created the Clean  Air Projects Program (CAPP).  The funds will go toward reduction of other harmful air emissions.  Isaacs said that preference will go to Southern Inyo where dust has created the worst air quality impacts.

The APCD board also approved $125,000 of the CAPP money for Inyo County to offset material costs for paving the dusty Keeler Transfer Station Access Road that links the community to its local trash disposal station. Keeler remains hardest hit now and through the years by Owens Lake dust.

The board also approved $500,000 for the Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action (IMACA) to fund a pilot residential heating and energy


Lisa Isaacs of Mono will administer the new program.

efficiency program in southern Owens Valley.  Old, non-compliant wood stoves and other inefficient, polluting or “dirty” heating systems will be replaced with EPA-certified stoves (wood and pellet)  and other clean heating systems.  IMACA expects to replace about 100 inefficient,

dirty home heating systems. If this pilot project succeeds, IMACA plans to expand services to all of Inyo, Mono and Alpine counties.

Before the end of the year, a request for CAPP proposals will be released.  This will be an open eligibility and selection process.  Partnerships and matching funds are encouraged, according to Lisa Isaacs.  You can contact Ms. Isaacs at 760-914-0388 or email [email protected]

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Wayne Deja
Wayne Deja
9 years ago

Cute smile!……

Ken Warner
Ken Warner
9 years ago

Maybe you could do something about Carls Jr. in Mammoth. Look at the roast beast smoke poring out of the grill vent. It’s the single most polluting business in Mammoth. Sometimes I can smell the beast at my house a mile away.

Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw
9 years ago
Reply to  Ken Warner

Mmmmm… Tasty, tasty pollution.