New CEO and Continued Concerns

At Mammoth Hospital, employees still say they're concerned about morale, organization and the future of the facility, but today's news is a new CEO. Hospital Board Chairman Don Sage confirmed the official hiring of Gary Boyd of the Concord, CA area.mammoth_hospital.jpg

Sage said that Mr. Boyd currently works as an executive in the John Muir Health Group and has a history of executive and administration for a number of years. He has a Masters Degree in Public Health from San Diego State. Boyd will start full time in mid-May. He and his wife, Barbara are looking for housing.

Asked if Mr. Boyd were aware of the recent controversy at the hospital, Board Chair Sage said, yes. Staff members had fairly insisted that the Board hire interim CEO Ed Matthews. They praised his leadership abilities and said they felt, for the first time, a part of a team. Board members said Matthews did not have the qualifications for running the hospital.

The new CEO knows about all of this, and Board Chair Sage thinks he can handle matters long-term.

Meanwhile, Chief Operations Officer Joe Bottom said collections have improved. They're out about 78 days instead of 140 and, he said, amount to around $18 million. Financial issues still top the list of concerns, along with employee morale.


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