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Press Release on New App for MCWD customers

The new Customer Portal allows customers to pay their bill and view their property’s hourly usage.

Water usage information can help identify leaks and unintended usage.

The Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) is excited to announce a new Customer Portal that allows customers to conveniently pay bills online. Additionally, customers can access detailed information about water use on his or her property; such as hourly usage and the ability to monitor for leaks. The portal provides one convenient location to view/pay bills and track water consumption.

Sign up for the new portal on your mobile device or web browser at To sign up for this free service, simply enter your new MCWD account number found at the top right corner of your monthly bill or give us a call at 760-934-2596. In fall of 2021, the existing WaterSmart portal will no longer be accessible, so switch over today.

MCWD hopes all of our customers; locals, second home owners, and business owners alike, will take advantage of this valuable and easy to use tool. We look forward to working closely with each of you to make Mammoth Lakes a more sustainable and drought tolerant community.

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