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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





While the fate of Steve Searls’ work with bears lingers in limbo, the Town has launched some work to come up with public relations work on bears. That’s what Mammoth Town Manager Rob Clark said.

Clark told us that the Town Council Committee on bear management is still active and still deciding on roles. He said to get things started they decided to coordinate with the Department of Fish and Game and USFS to send the same message to campgrounds and vendors.

Manager Clark confirmed that Mammoth Police Sergeant Karen Smart and others are working with the agencies. Clark was careful to point out that these efforts are not in place of Steve Searles.

The Town had earlier hired an investigator to look into Police Chief Randy Schienle’s treatment of Searles. Manager Clark said the investigator is now writing his report.

It was employee relations’ attorney, Christie Kwong who consulted with the Town on the police chief/ Searles situation and recommended the investigator.