mltc9_4UPDATE: 9-5 FROM MAYOR RICK WOOD – “Council accepted MMM resignation effective 09-06.  Vote was 4-0 with Jo Bacon absent.  We have initiated a search for an experienced interim.”


At Wednesday night’s Town Council meeting, one citizen stood up to express her bad feelings about how the Council has handled the apparent ouster of their Town Manager.

Sandy Hogan, a retired Forest Service official and member of local citizen groups, said, “A lot of us have mixed feelings. Some are angry. I’m depressed and disappointed.” Hogan read part of a letter she had written to the Council. She said she felt betrayed, and she said, “Your lack of respect for your staff dismays me.” She said Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez and former Manager Dave Wilbrecht “exemplified professionalism.” Hogan said she hopes the Police Chief will remain as Acting Town Manager until the Council recruits someone with the proper background.

Later in the meeting, the Council dealt with an urgency item. They had to vote on a banking contract officer. That’s the person who can transfer funds and deal with bank accounts for the Town. Manager Martinez filled that role. Finance Manager Cyndi Myrold suggested she do the job. The Town Attorney said Martinez is on administrative leave and can’t perform that financial duty. The Council voted unanimously for Myrold to function as banking officer.

Earlier, Myrold brought up another item – amnesty for those who have not yet paid their business tax. She said because of software issues, the Finance Department had not been able to send out second, third and fourth notices to businesses. She recommended no penalties or interest for those who pay before October 31st. Council members Jo Bacon and Matthew Lehman hedged on letting businesses off the hook, but in the end the amnesty was approved on a three to one vote, with Jo Bacon voting no.

There’s no amnesty for not paying the new Business Improvement District tax, but Tourism Director John Urdi said there is an appeals board ready to go. He said businesses that want to appeal need to by October 15th. Urdi said they will need documentation. Collection of the new tax started September 1.


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