National Infection Prevention Week | Mammoth Hospital Recognizes Staci Brock, Infection Prevention Coordinator.

Mammoth Hospital (and Sierra Wave!) recognizes and celebrates Staci Brock, the hospital’s Infection Prevention Coordinator. Thank you, Staci!

This week is National Infection Prevention Week and Mammoth Hospital posted on its Facebook page that it wanted to celebrate and recognize Staci Brock, our Infection Prevention Coordinator. They had the following to say:

Staci has been a nurse at Mammoth Hospital since February 2018.
She took the position as Infection Prevention Coordinator last year after first working as a Labor and Delivery nurse.
COVID-19 has shown the world what we’ve always known. Infection Prevention Nurses are essential to keeping us all safe. Infection Prevention Week was established in 1986 to highlight the efforts of those preventing all infections, but this year the tireless efforts of the position are more important than ever, fighting the global pandemic.
Staci’s regular duties include timely and accurate reporting to CDPH and the CDC, monitoring and reporting the disease process of COVID-19, and continually researching the best ways to keep patients and staff as safe as possible.
Staci has been a part of our Hospital Incident Management Team since it was formed in March, and her contributions have been immeasurable.
Thanks Staci for your dedication and for all you do to keep our patients, staff, and community safe!
–From the Mammoth Hospital Team (Facebook Page)
SWM would also like to offer our radio station’s congratulations and thanks to Staci!


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