Fortunately for the Eastern Sierra, a strong number of tourists have picked our area for summer vacations. Officials say campground fees are up and so is transient occupancy tax on motels. There’s one more thing that bodes well for our tourist economy.national_geographic

National Geographic, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and Sierra Business Council have joined to create a new website and a new push for visits to the Sierra Nevada. National Geographic’s Center for sustainable Destinations went to work on an interactive website to feature the many places to visit in the Sierra Nevada, including our area.

Citizens can contribute to this project with their own ideas of places to visit. This project also includes a print MapGuide.

We’ll follow up with more information on how you can nominate sites for this new map and website. Cultural, natural and historical assets qualify, but so do unique places that you might think will appeal to visitors.

Sierra Business Council sees this project as one that will connect visitors with beautiful places and enhance the economy of our area.

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