The aquatic pest called Quagga or Zebra Mussels will take up some time during this year's Trout Season Opener. DWP Commissioners have decided to require boat inspections to try to keep the pests out of Crowley Lake and other waters.crowley_lake_full.jpg

Chris Plakos, Public Information Officer for DWP, confirmed that Crowley Fish Camp and DWP will conduct boat inspections in days before the general trout season opener on April 26th. DWP has worked out a plan with Fish Camp owner, John Frederickson.

Plakos added that boat inspections will take place April 23rd in Bishop at the Vons/ Kmart parking lot from 7am to 7pm. Crews will inspect boats for aquatic pests and issue a certificate that can be presented at Crowley. This plan is designed to save time on opening day.

As we have reported, the Quagga Mussels migrated to the United States from Europe, infested the Great Lakes and have now made it to Lake Mead near Las Vegas. The fear is that California waters are next. The mussels multiply rapidly, clog up intakes and outlets, eat the food of other creatures and generally disrupt ecosystems.

Many lakes around California have also begun inspection programs.

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