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Mule Days Fake Accounts

If you’re a business owner who uses Facebook for your business you might have felt the frustration of trying to boost a post only to get flagged for some policy violation. You have to submit a request to go through a review process. Usually, you get cleared quite quickly. Facebook is usually right on it within minutes.

If you haven’t heard by now, the Mule Days Facebook page was cloned a couple of times with impostors using their pictures and logos without permission. These scammers were stealing money from people by pretending to offer a live stream of the event. Mule Days doesn’t charge for the live stream. Multiple people, including Mule Days office staff, reported this to Facebook, but it didn’t matter. You can’t say certain things, but you can pretend to be someone else and steal money from hardworking people—that is the acceptable policy on Facebook.

So that leads me back to the review process. It shows that Facebook can act quickly if they decide to but, in this case, with Mule Days, they didn’t. Numerous requests to block the bad actors were submitted and nothing. Ghosted. If you ask me (and you probably didn’t), I think Facebook should be responsible for refunding all the money those innocent people lost because Facebook failed to respond and didn’t stop the scams. While I’m not giving up my Facebook account because of this poor response, I do believe there needs to be changes on their platform. How many more times do they need to go before Congress before something gets done? Especially since Facebook is where many people get their news, and news is supposed to be unbiased. Our motto at Sierra Wave when it comes to news, is We report, and you decide. We may not be perfect but we sure try to get that part right.

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