There was a good turn out for the Mammoth Motocross Track meeting. Thank you for giving my kids the chance to speek at the meeting. They were very proud of being able to stand up for what they love and believe in. I am sadened by the town and Forest Services threat that we are opening a can of worms with this and could lose the race forever. It sounds like scare tactics to me, like they just want us to go away. Has anyone brought up the history of the track. History usually goes a long way with the Forest Service. This track is our history and our heritage as local track riders!
We still need to pursue this dream. Possibly pro motocrossers such as Jeremy Mcgrath, Carey Hart, Ricky Johnson, or Troy Lee, should be approached with the idea of holding a few moto camps for training purposes during the summer. I know that Mcgrath has his own track , so he may have some helpful advice. I feel that getting our heads in the door with one or two special permits for week long racing clinics could possibly be a step closer to freeing our track.
I am also upset about the forest services take on their own policy… that “the agency is not allowed to permit races, facilities, and race tracks with hill climbs, obstacles, and timed events.” How can they really stand by this when Mammoth Mountain is on Forest Service land and holds; boarder cross events as well as Slalom and GS events (“races, timed events” ), they have several lodges (“facilities”), and all of the parks on the mountain also have “hill climbs and obstacles”.
I feel that they are creating a monopoly on the forest where only Mammoth Mountain is allowed to use and pull permits for this beautiful track. I also feel discriminated against, as they have given mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, cross country skiers, horse back riders, 4 wheelers, rock climbers, fishermen, hunters, etc…… all a place to do what they love, and yet for us track riders we are given nothing and everything is being taken away.
Please continue to show your support for your local track riders and do not loose your drive and hope for reopening the Mammoth Motocross Track. We are not giving up… stay strong.
Don’t forget us,
Jen Tubbs

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