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In a series of Mono court cases that involve the prescription drug OxyContin, two men have pled to charges, while a third man, Doctor Michael Dostrow, is scheduled for a pre-trial in January. Now, regardless of Dr. Dostrows fate in the Mono County Court system, the Doctor could lose his license to practice medicine.

OxyContin is a synthetic pain reliever similar to morphine. According to Assistant DA Tim Kendall, this web of cases came to light when a Bishop doctor, Dr. George Kibbler, reported that someone had written prescriptions off of his prescription pads. This led investigators to Dr. Dostrow, who allegedly wrote the prescriptions, to the pharmacist John Arnold who allegedly filled the prescriptions, and to Rick Blake a local mortgage broker. The pharmacist has pled no contest to a felony charge of prescribing medications to an addict. Rick Blake pled guilty to obtaining prescription drugs through misrepresentation.

Dr. Dostrow faces 4 counts related to over prescribing medications. Through a separate process, The State Osteopathic Medical Board may revoke the doctors license. According to Dr. Donald Krpan the Executive Director of the State Osteopathic Medical Board, Dr. Dostrow was on probation with the board for problems that occurred in 2003. Dr. Krpan explained that Dr. Dostrow had been on probation for a number of reasons that included fictitious prescriptions, possession of cocaine, marijuana, and oxycodone.

Dr. Krpan explained that Dr. Dostrow has violated his probation by not taking the classes and rehab that he was supposed to, but it was a DUI arrest that pushed the Medical Board to act.

Dr. Krpan reports that Dr. Dostrows case goes before an administrative law judge on December 17th. If the judge sides with the Medical Board, Dr. Dostrow could lose his license. If the doctor survives with his license intact, he still faces criminal charges in Mono County.

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