More Skiing in Face of Dry November

Deep silent powder, the days when you float down the mountain almost hypnotized by the quiet whisper of activity flying over the tips of your skis, these are the days that skiers dream about all summer. We havent experienced much of that so far this year, but its still just November. Until the big storms line up and move our way, cold temperatures have allowed snowmaking crews to expand the open terrain at Mammoth Mountain.

Laura Johnson with Mammoth Mountain reports that staff planed to open up Stump Alley Express this weekend. Panorama Gondola to Cornice Bowl is also expected to open up this weekend, allowing people to ride from top to bottom.

Johnson reports that snowmaking crews will continue their efforts to open as much terrain as possible. Work continues to build the Superpipe as well. Not bad, considering the 16 inch season total so far this year. Last year at this time 9 inches had fallen, according to the snowfall history on the Mammoth Mountain website.

Besides the 6 inches at the beginning of the month, November has been dry for Mammoth Mountain. Over the 39 Novembers listed on the Mammoth Snowfall History chart, 32 and a half inches is the average for the month, but there were four years with zero inches in November and 10 years with single digit totals for November. The record high was set in 85/86 when 115 inches fell in November. This year has not been a record high by a long shot, but not a record low either.

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