Inyo-Mono Supervisors: More on Mammoth and June, closed sessions and a new Inyo Public Works Director

mono_courthouse_10-081.jpgThe very last item on the Mono Supervisors’ agenda Tuesday is two letters, both to Congressman Paul Cook with copies to the two California Senators. One letter supports legislation for the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge land trade of 21 acres and urges the Congressman to read the Board of Supervisors’ letter on the Mammoth-June Recreation Corridor which follows.

The paragraph in the cover letter that supports HR 1241 for the land trade says this transaction will make it possible for Mammoth Mountain to finance the complete revitalization of the ski area facilities. The letter says this will amount to a major economic benefit to the area as a construction project and an amenity.

The Supervisors’ letter was hashed and re-hashed at their June 18th meeting. It basically supports the re-opening of June Mountain and a move going forward of a joint effort to make both ski areas, and the region, a success. (Full text of both letters below)

inyo_courthouse1.jpgInyo Supervisors will start their new agenda format at 8:30am Tuesday with closed sessions on the dispute with LADWP over groundwater pumping damage in the Blackrock area, the lawsuit by Owens Valley Committee against Inyo County over the new Crystal Geyser project, and labor negotiations.

Officials have said they will start the regular open agenda at 10am. At 11:45 am, the Board will hold a public hearing on the appointment of Clint Quilter as the Director of Public Works. At noon, the Board will recess to attend the swearing-in ceremony for the 2013-2014 Grand Jury.


(760) 932-5410 • FAX (760) 932-5411
Jim Leddy
County Administrative Officer
July 2, 2013
The Honorable Paul Cook
United States House of Representatives
1222 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Representative Cook:
Thank you for your interest in the Mammoth Mountain and June Lake ski areas. The enclosed Board of Supervisors’
letter reflects the County’s commitment to comprehensive long term strategic planning and ongoing support for and
concerted efforts to strengthen the economy of Mono County while preserving the incredibly unique quality of life the
region possesses.
The Board has worked diligently with community stakeholders to provide a detailed set of efforts to advance a common
vision for a recreational corridor area. The Board’s letter details those efforts and is the culmination of an extensive
public engagement process. The letter balances community considerations with the Board’s unwavering commitment to
improving the economy. I strongly urge you to review their letter.
The Mono County Board of Supervisors wants to be clear in its endorsement of H.R. 1241 (previously H.R. 2157 –
McKeon), an act to facilitate a land exchange at the base of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Successful completion of
the land exchange requires this facilitating legislation. Carrying out the trade and allowing MMSA to own 21 acres
under its base facilities as private land will make it possible for MMSA to finance the complete revitalization of the
facilities, resulting in improved guest service, better amenities and renewed accommodations. From construction to ongoing operations, the exchange will have substantial beneficial economic effects on the entire Eastern Sierra region,
including increased property tax and transient occupancy tax revenues, increased regional visitation, and direct and
indirect job creation. In the larger context of the regional recreation corridor, the exchange is at the center of a regional
growth strategy, and is therefore essential to Mono County’s ability to position itself for future prosperity.
We thank you for your consideration. Please let us know what additional information we can provide in order to gain
your support for the Board’s efforts on behalf of Mono County.
Jim Leddy
County Administrative Officer
Mono County
Enclosure: July 2, 2013 Mono County Board of Supervisors Letter
CC: Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
Congressman Buck McKeonarry Johnston ~ District One Fred Stump ~ District Two Tim Alpers ~ District Three
Tim Fesko ~ District Four Byng Hunt ~ District Five
(760) 932-5538 • FAX (760) 932-5531
Lynda Roberts, Clerk of the Board
July 2, 2013
The Honorable Paul Cook
United States House of Representatives
1222 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Representative Cook:
The Mono County Board of Supervisors appreciates your continued interest and inquiries regarding the
current condition and future success of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, June Mountain Ski Area, and
their respective communities. As you are aware, there has been much discussion locally and in the
media regarding the reopening of June Mountain Ski Area, and upgrades to the base area of the
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Our Board has held several public hearings to receive input and consider
constituent views on these matters. It is the desire of this Board to move forward and initiate policies
and actions, in conjunction with stakeholders, to develop the Mammoth-June area into an all-inclusive
premier year round recreation corridor. Acknowledging the issues in this regional corridor, we wish to
go forward from this point with a comprehensive package including support for the following:
1. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s plan, including 2013 opening and infrastructure improvement
projected timeline, to create a family-friendly ski resort at June Mountain which includes
replacing the J-1 access chairlift, installing snowmaking, adding family amenities such as day
care and animation, enhanced marketing programs, and assisting in discussions regarding
responsibly adding hotel room equivalents to the community. Mono County stands ready to
designate necessary staff time to assist in implementing the plan to continue operating June
Mountain Ski Area in a sustainable way. Reaching the full potential of the recreation corridor
depends on the success of both ski areas. Our board intends to communicate regularly with
MMSA/JMSA management, staff, and the United States Forest Service to monitor progress
toward our common goal. Specificity regarding June Mountain improvements, timing, and
permitting will be approved by the USFS through the June Mountain Operating Plan and Master
Development Plan.
2. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s plan for a land exchange at the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge
area as part of the year round recreation corridor vision and regional economic sustainability.
Included in the exchange are sensitive private land holdings located within the Mono Basin
National Scenic Area, the first National Scenic Area established by Congress. These lands are
better suited for resource management under the US Forest Service and are consistent with
policies found in the Mono County General Plan. By contrast, the land at the base of Mammoth
Mountain that will pass into private hands has been developed and heavily disturbed for over 50
years. . Examine either County acquisition of the June Lake Rodeo Grounds property or identification of
a willing developer to assist with an environmentally- and community-compatible bed-base
development that will ensure the long term success and sustainability of the June Mountain Ski
Area and the June Lake community. This would include consideration of a land trade at the base
of the June Mountain Ski Area.
4. Promote a working partner relationship between Mammoth/June Mountain Ski Area
management, Mammoth Lakes Tourism Department, and the June Lake community.
5. Continuing to build upon June Lake marketing strategies developed by the community this past
year which included the creation of several new special events.
6. Building upon other community and County efforts such as:
a. Continue the efforts to obtain permission from the US Forest Service and private land
owners to create new Nordic Ski Areas in the June Lake Loop area on both public and
private lands.
b. Modifying the Mono County General Plan to create environmentally consistent, business
friendly regulations to assist in the creation of economic activity. An example of this is
the recently incorporated provision changes allowing area appropriate rental of single
family homes on a transient, less than 30 days, basis.
c. Development of a US Forest Service/Mono County agreement for environmental studies
to support continued expansion of June Lake Community Trails.
d. Completion of community Infrastructure Improvements including upcoming State funded
June Lake Village street refurbishments which include family-friendly features for
pedestrian, cycling, transit, snow removal, and drainage.
e. Facilitation of High Speed Internet availability through active County involvement in
both the Digital 395 project and funding a County Staff position devoted to last mile
provider promotion to make this service available to the public.
f. Continuing County support for wildland fuel reduction projects to create Fire Resistant
g. Continue active County support for and expansion of Public Transportation through the
Mono County Local Transportation Commission and the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority
with continued support of regional, rather than just County specific, projects.
h. Position the County to take advantage of grant funding specific to Business Development
through CDBG and USDA sources.
i. County consideration of continued support for Air Service to the Mammoth-June
recreation corridor as visitation to June Lake and other County communities increases,
and to improve the quality of life for residents. . Perpetuate the Eastern Sierra Sport Fishing Industry by developing the County-owned
Conway Ranch into a self-contained, multi-strained, trophy trout farm.
k. County support of local leadership and participation via monthly meetings of the June
Lake Citizens Advisory Committee, the June Lake Chamber of Commerce, the
Mammoth Mountain/June Mountain Ski Area management staff, and the US Forest
Service (when necessary) to sustain momentum of new and existing programs through
Coordinated Strategic Planning.
These separate efforts, taken together, will advance our new common vision for the corridor. We hope
that you and your capable staff will join the community of June Lake, Mammoth Mountain Ski area,
Mono County, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the US Forest Service, the June Lake Citizens Advisory
Committee, the June Lake Chamber of Commerce, and all other stakeholders in closely monitoring
multi-tracked, simultaneous progress to ensure continued development of a premier, all season mountain
recreation and tourism region.
Mono County Board of Supervisors


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John Barton
John Barton
8 years ago

@ Steve- From other replies I’ve rec’d, people are offended when one does ask for facts or qualifications of the writer. As one person wrote, “this forum is for opinions and I have every right to state those”. When someone does provide facts, they are then often labeled a racist, environmentalist, right winger, Limbaugh lover, etc depending on the topic. When the facts don’t align with their own personal agenda people often get emotional.

a sad state of affairs
a sad state of affairs
8 years ago
Reply to  John Barton

John Barton,

And you also have regular posters that appear to demonize the presentation of facts instead of lock-stepping behind their particular position, political persuasion, etc. with one guy who repeatedly and childishly referring to another (when he disagrees with their posting) as “Doctor Facts.” I suppose this is supposed to set himself as somebody “In the know.”

Benett Kessler
Benett Kessler
8 years ago

The ongoing snarking is unattractive. Knock it off. Look inside for some intelligent comment.

Ken Warner
Ken Warner
8 years ago
Reply to  Benett Kessler

Are you starting to feel like a grade school teacher? i don’t envy your position.

8 years ago

You can also blame the environmentalist for all the low paying tourist customer service jobs. They’ve stifled every other attempt for industry that would bring better paying jobs.

Good luck in the future you’re going to need it.

Stereotyping and scapegoating
Stereotyping and scapegoating
8 years ago
Reply to  Mark

It’s a bit of a stretch to scapegoat environmentalists who have “stifled every other attempt for industry that would bring better paying jobs.” Especially with no hard facts to support that claim.

I’d gladly suggest where this sort of stereotyping and scapegoating originates from and how often this message is repeated, but I’ve been instructed to “give it a rest.”

Square Steve
Square Steve
8 years ago

Sorry, but if its facts you want all you need to do is OPEN your eyes and ears. I could supply you with all the facts you would ever need, but I’m afraid this isn’t the time or place.

Resting is for the elderly.

I agree with mark, good luck!!!

Desert Tortoise
Desert Tortoise
8 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Tell us examples of proposed new businesses that were not permitted to develop in the Eastern Sierra/Owens Valley region due to pressure from environmentalists. Name names.

Playground for the rich
Playground for the rich
8 years ago

I think the town is wise to promote other perks than skiing, camping and fishing. Especially if the snow seems to be going away. The other 3 seasons are far more interesting than snow days.
Other ski destinations are focusing on those that have the dough. And Mammoth is slowly picking up on that type of marketing – gourmet restaurants, art and culture, wine-tasting events, community theatre, music festivals … let’s be real here.
This program is vastly wiser than hitching the wagon to fishing lures and motorcycles. And I understand its working.

ferdinand lopez
ferdinand lopez
8 years ago

whatever happened to the idea of connecting mammoth and june, like the european resorts?

Benett Kessler
Benett Kessler
8 years ago

The Forest Service nixed that because of environmental considerations. That was Dave McCoy’s dream – connecting the two.

Friends of Cash
Friends of Cash
8 years ago

The so called “Environmentalist business” ruined that great idea. Just like they’ve ruined countless others. Had they been around during the time of Dave McCoy we wouldn’t have a town of Mammoth Lakes – ski areas are not sustainable (after all).