More H1N1 Vaccine Now Available in Inyo and Mono

Health officials believe that the H1N1 flu has begun to taper off in the Eastern Sierra, just as more vaccine becomes available. Health Officer Dr. Rick Johnson said that in Mono County, the Health Department anticipates that it has sufficient H1N1 vaccine to meet the need of anyone who desires to be vaccinated. In Inyo County, the Health Departments expects to have enough H1N1 vaccine for all individuals up to age 65. h1n1_flu_

Dr. Johnson said that in Inyo County the vaccine supply is not unlimited. In Mono, anyone can have a vaccine. In both counties, check in with the health departments for more information.

Dr. Johnson added that now that millions of doses of the H1N1 vaccine have been given, data has begun to accumulate that confirms the vaccine is “very safe.” Johnson said that reported reactions show that the H1N1 vaccine is just as safe as the seasonal flu vaccine, which has what he called an excellent track record over many years.

Two other notes from Dr. Johnson. An internet fraud afoot claims you have to register to get H1N1 vaccine. Not true. Also, Dr. Johnson said that while the H1N1 flu seems on the decline, it might come in waves. Plus, other flu viruses will circulate through the winter season. He advises vaccinations, washing of hands, getting fluids and rest and staying home if you are sick.

Additionally, the State has committed to providing millions of protective masks and gloves to California schools. Dr. Johnson said he is aware of this but has not yet confirmed how our local schools plan to use those supplies

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