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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





To begin with, I would like to state that “all this (negative’) publicity” was instigated by me to address the issue of not being assisted by the MLPD in a bad situation that went to worse. This was not something that a “roving reporter” ran across and was in a position to “get the scoop on”…I wrote and sent my letter of discontent to “The Sheet” & “Mammoth Times”. I’m sure MLPD would not have bothered to make any comment had it not been for me “opening the can of worms.” But I felt let down since I’d recently given them such a high rating because, up until now, I had not seen nor personally experienced this kind of attitude from MLPD. Believe me when I say I’d rather still have my previous regard for them.

I take exceeding umbrage to the claim of “touching girls inappropriately”…I was in a Mosh Pit where I assisted two young ladies off the floor, and I was NOT the one who knocked them down!! Would it have been more “Gentlemanly Appropriate” to have left them there to get trampled on?!? I challenge wanna-be “Elite” security to bring forth any females to state how they were “inappropriately touched'” by me during the concert. They make it sound as if I were groping and/or grabbing body parts and that is an insult that I cannot let fly.

When you bring in an act like “Eagles of Death Metal” you just GOTTA know that there is gonna be a Mosh. And as I’ve stated in my letter of discontent, when I was in this Mosh, it was not out of hand or violent compared to many others I’ve been involved in before. I’ve had to drag unconscious girls and guys out of others, whether I was security or not.

Which brings me to my next point of contention, with claims by MLPD that I was publicly intoxicated and had “overdone it” & “gone too far”. When I was forced out of Canyon Lodge by wanna-be “Elite,” I had just been involved in a Mosh Pit where the temperature was probably close to 100 degrees. So of COURSE my long hippie hair was disheveled. And I had consumed a beer that was given to me about 5mins before I was so rudely and inappropriately escorted out so, yeah, I probably had a taint of alcohol on my breath. My belligerent attitude was due to the fact that I wanted my coat with my wallet and keys, and my hat back. I actually could have cared less about the sandals as one had a broken strap, which is why I took the other one off, and so was barefoot. And as many of you know, I tend to go barefoot, even when there is snow on the ground and I’m hiking to Red’s Meadow!! Which still does not excuse the fact that putting someone on the street in the middle of the night, especially in Mammoth with our freezing temps, without coat or shoes, is inappropriate and could be dangerous to their health and livelihood. And that DOESN”T mean you need to threaten them with arrest. Just assist them in getting what they need so they can get on down the road safely.

All I was requesting was to be escorted up to retrieve my stuff. MLPD has contrived to make this more difficult than it really was. I get statements about “private property clauses” and other runaround excuses, when in all actuality, by simply holding on to my elbow and walking up the stairs, wanna-be “Elite” would have simply gone on about their duties and let the officer and myself go on about ours. I seriously doubt that wanna-be “Elitists” would have come rushing up saying, “Whoa whoa WHOA!! You can’t bring him up here cause we just threw him OUT!!” Can you see this happening?…Yeah, well, me either. I surely was not going to slip away and evade an escort and then REALLY get in trouble!! When officers of the law have their hands on somebody, the usual attitude is to go on about your business and steer clear and NOT interfere!! And the reason I wasn’t there when Officer Lehr returned was due to being told that if I didn’t get on the shuttle I would be arrested, and I’ve dealt with that enough times in my life.

So if anyone has any footage of this incident, and especially my hat (Hey! Anybody involved with “Elite” seen any of your cronies cruising around in it?? If so, that’s not what I call professional security activity…), please can contact me at my e-mail TygrrrzPrrrMotionz@gmail., or 760/934-6077. I will end by stating that I believe “Elite Security” initially handled this particular show unprofessionally in the stage area, and I wish that I had received assistance from MLPD to alleviate the situation with regards to retrieving my personal effects. Allen Blumer