Monstrosities Find Their Way on 395

Wonder about the super wide loads that crawl up Highway 395 at night? This week, we’re talking way super-wide. Another one was found parked along the highway, waiting for the lower traffic of night time to make its way up the highway.

This huge capsule weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds, was made in Japan, shipped into Long Beach and destined for Salt Lake City and a Chevron refinery.

The man who accompanied the monstrosity was not sure how the big capsule would fit into the refinery process, but he did know that another and even bigger capsule had edged up 395 the night before.

The unusual item was accompanied by other equipment that holds up power lines so the big load can lumber on through the towns of the Eastern Sierra.

This item was expected to go through Bishop at night and up Highway 6 through Nevada and up to Salt Lake City.

While we were at it, in the same spot where the wide load rested, Caltrans crews worked busily at replacement of drainage system equipment north of Independence.

The damage resulted from the major flood and mudslide which rolled down from the mountains in mid-July. The State provided almost $1 million to do the emergency work. Caltrans accepted the assignment.

Traffic delays were expected to continue this week.


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