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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





The Mono Supervisors recently approved a contract with VANIR Construction Management to complete a conditions assessment of all county facilities.

The study will provide information on current maintenance needs at the county's facilities, compliance issues, and potential future uses. Cost estimates for each project will also be provided.

Although some have questioned the need for "yet another study," CAO Dave Wilbrecht argued that the study is the best way for the county to begin to solve the entire facilities problem instead of approaching it one leaky faucet at a time.

Deferred maintenance of county facilities has been an ever-growing problem, Wilbrecht explained, and has far outpaced the county's staffing. With a detailed conditions assessment, the Supes will finally know what specifically needs to be done, how much it will cost, and can plan accordingly.

Wilbrecht considers this contract a starting point of a long-term relationship with VANIR, who can maintain the assessment as a "living document," allowing for accurate information years into the future.

VANIR will send a team of 4 engineers who will be in the county collecting data for 1-2 weeks before heading back to compile the data into a comprehensive report that is due in 2 months. The Supes approved the contract in an amount not to exceed $85,000.