monosupervisorsOn Tuesday, Mono Supervisors meet in Bridgeport and will officially consider approval of an employment agreement with James Leddy as new County Administrator.

Leddy comes to Mono County from Sonoma County where he worked as a Deputy County Administrator. The Board members are very upbeat about Leddy. Board Chair Byng Hunt had said that Leddy brings “energy, experience and a commitment to effective and efficient public services.” Supervisor Tim Alpers called Leddy “phenomenal”. He was the Board’s unanimous choice out of 25 applicants. Alpers also pointed out that between the hiring of new Chief Financial Officer Leslie Chapman and new CAO Leddy, the Board saved more than $36,000.

Leddy’s two-year, at-will employment contract will officially start June 10th. His pay includes a $160,000 salary and roughly $32,000 in retirement contributions and $52,000 in other benefits and costs.

And Tuesday evening at 7pm, the June Lake Citizens Advisory Committee planned to meet at the June Lake Community Center. Supervisor Alpers will speak about the latest on June Lake and June Mountain. Alpers said he has been working on a letter that will go to the Senators and Congressman for our area.

Alpers said the Supervisors supported his idea of a comprehensive package for a Mammoth-June year-round recreation corridor. Alpers will include in this concept the need for upgrades at June Mountain, the need for development of the Rodeo Grounds in June Lake and an appearance upgrade for downtown June Lake.

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