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Eastern Sierra News for June 13, 2024





Letter from Mono County Board of Supervisors:

Larry Johnston – District One; Fred Stump – District Two; Tim Alpers – District Three; Tim Fesko – District Four; Stacy Corless – District Five

Dear Mono County Community:

During the time since the presidential election concluded, we have heard concerns from community members regarding the possible changes the new administration has discussed, the impacts to County programs and services from those potential changes and, the resulting impacts to individuals and families.

We have put together the following frequently asked questions and answers to address some of these concerns and to provide you with links to departments that will have up-to-date information regarding Mono County services and programs.

Please remember that as of right now, there is much we do not know.

1. What will happen to my health insurance? There are no changes to benefits or health insurance coverage at this time.

Current clients of health and social service programs will continue to receive the benefits they are eligible to receive, and individuals and families who may be eligible for assistance should still apply.

2. Will the Sheriff deport me or my family? The Mono County Sheriff’s Office will not become an enforcer of federal immigration laws.

3. Will my confidential information be given to immigration? We continue our commitment to the laws that govern the confidentiality of individuals’ medical and personal information; all departments that have any individual’s medical or personal information will continue to follow these laws.

4. If there are changes at the federal level, when will they take effect? Federal changes are not likely to happen without warning.

5. How will I know about these changes if and when they occur? All Mono County departments that may be affected by changes at the federal level will share information they receive with the community as soon as it becomes available.

We do know that our community makes Mono County a special place to live and our people are diverse, hardworking, and dedicated.

We know that, like all communities, some members are more vulnerable to potential changes than others.

And, we do know that Mono County’s service delivery staff is dedicated to providing you with accurate, up to date information as we know it.

Our Mono County Board of Supervisors and staff are here to provide a safety net for all of our citizens.

If you need a safe place to get information, ask questions or seek support, please do not hesitate to contact us at 760/932-5414.