Mono Supervisor Byng Hunt Will Run Again

The election is over six months away, but already there has been some action on the Mono County political scene. Last week, Larry Johnston of Mammoth announced that he plans to run for the position of First District Supervisor. Now current Fifth District Supervisor Byng Hunt says he plans to run for re-election.

Hunt is finishing up his third term serving the Fifth District and after much thought and consideration, he has decided to run for a fourth term representing the Mammoth area on the county level. Hunt says that the State of California, is on the brink of collapse, which in turn puts pressure on county governments to share in the misery. He adds, Our budget must reflect a conservative and realistic approach to this crisis.

Hunts colleague in Mono District 1, Tom Farnetti has decided not to run again. Farnetti is about to finish up his fourth term as a Mono Supervisor. Before he ran for his fourth term, Farnetti says that he decided to make it his last, a decision that he re-affirmed around Thanksgiving this year. He says that Mono County is in a good position and that now is a good time to step down.

Farnetti plans to spend more time with his family and his business, Mammoth Reservations. The fact that the business was able to run while he was working as a Mono Supervisor, Farnetti attributes to his, great wife.

So far, there is only one person running to replace Farnetti; but with additional candidates expected to run, he says he will hold off on endorsing a candidate for now.

As he steps down after four terms, Farnetti says that he enjoyed his time serving on the Board, and also enjoyed serving the constituents of the First District.


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