Recently, Greg Newbry of the Crowley Lake area found a human jawbone while photographing scenes in the Hilton Creek area. Initially, Mono Sheriff’s officers said that the bones were likely those from a Native American burial site nearby. Now, the mono_county_soSheriff’s Department has sent the jawbone to a Department of Justice lab for analysis.

Mono Sheriff Lieutenant Rob Weber said that the jawbone now awaits DNA tests at the DOJ facility in Richmond, CA. Lt. Weber said a Forest Service anthropologist determined the bones may or may not be old. Weber said there are burial mounds in the Hilton Creek area that include Indian artifacts.

Weber said Newbry had handed over the jawbone to officers at a BBQ for Sheriff Scholl in Crowley. After that, investigators went to the scene where Newbry had discovered the bone, “did some digging,” said Weber, but found nothing.

Lt. Weber assured that if the jawbone is that of a contemporary human, the Sheriff’s Department will investigate.

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