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Written by Jennifer Hansen, Mono Sheriff Public Information Officer

monosarThe Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team responded on the night of August 8, 2011, to a request for aid to a family of four, from Glendale, who had called for assistance from Garnet Lake. The group planned a loop hike out of Agnew Meadows to Garnet Lake. The 19-year-old son, however, had become exhausted and the group did not think that attempting to cross either the snowfield below Garnet Lake or the San Joaquin River, both obstacles along their intended route, would be wise. The family was not equipped to spend the night and called for assistance, but the group was immediately able to acquire shelter and food from backpackers at their location at Garnet Lake.  The father and 16-year-old son hiked back to their campsite at Olaine Lake, leaving the mother and other son in a borrowed tent at Garnet Lake.  The SAR team maintained cell phone contact with all family members and a nearby backpacking group throughout the night. A SAR team was dispatched at dawn, carrying oxygen and other medical supplies, and the mother and 19-year-old son began hiking out towards Shadow Lake at 8:30 a.m., along with two backpackers who agreed to escort the pair until the SAR team was met. The SAR team reached the two family members not far south of Garnet Lake and provided the 19-year-old son with oxygen and other support. The group then hiked out to the Agnew Meadows trailhead where further assistance was declined.

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