Mono narcotics agents served six search warrants in Mammoth Lakes and made seven arrests on drug-related charges and pirated DVDs.


Rafael Becerra, 53

Officers said that they arrested Rafael Becerra, 53, of Mammoth Lakes for sales and possession of pirated DVD movies. Agents said that this is a felony in California and carries very strict criminal and civil penalties by the Motion Picture Industry. In this case, MONET worked with the Motion Picture Industry investigators.

William Crosby, 63, of Mammoth Lakes was arrested for sales of marijuana, possession of marijuana


William Crosby, 63

for sale and cultivation of marijuana. Mr. Crosby was the co-owner/ operator of and is alleged to have been operating outside the state’s medical marijuana laws.


Michael McMahon, 30

Officers also arrested Michael McMahon, 30, of Mammoth Lakes for sales and possession of over one pound of marijuana.

Arturo Alcala, 20, of Mammoth Lakes and a juvenile accomplice were arrested for conspiracy in sales of cocaine.


Arturo Alcala, 20

Manuel Ruelas, 39, of Mammoth Lakes, was arrested for sales of cocaine.


Manuel Ruelas, 39

Robert Borah, 54, of Mammoth Lakes,


Robert Borah, 54

was arrested for sales of prescription medications and possession of stolen property.

All arrestees went to the Mono County Jail except for the juvenile who went to the juvenile hall in Independence. Four of the seven arrested were undocumented citizens and once through the court system will be held by the Department of Homeland Security/ Immigration Customs Enforcement.

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