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Eastern Sierra News for June 20, 2024





The three men charged with various resource damage offenses for riding their dirt bikes in closed areas around Mono Lake have been sentenced.

Raymond and Grant Harnist along with Jeremy Pollack were cited in April, after they were reported to have driven off road in areas that are posted as closed to vehicle travel.

Mono County Deputy DA Kyle Graham reports that the three are alleged to have been driving their motorcycles in the Tufa Reserve, damaging plants and leaving tracks down to the waterline of Mono Lake.

Other reports allege that the three riders drove their dirt bikes through the wetland at Lee Vinning Creek Delta and allegedly through the landscaped patio at the Forest Service Visitor Center.

Paul McFarland with the Friends of the Inyo witnessed the event, photographed the resource damage and with the help of a State Park Ranger made a citizen's arrest.

Deputy District Attorney Kyle Graham says that Mono County takes resource damage seriously. The charges are misdemeanors. While the DA wanted substantial jail time, the three received 3 years probation, one day in Jail, 50 hours of community service, and $1000 in fines.