Mono issues layoff notices

monocourtbdgptFaced with a recommendation of 9 employee layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, the Mono Supervisors did vote to balance the County budget and proceed with recommendations.

County Administrator Jim Leddy and Finance Director Leslie Chapman had written a letter to the Board that laid out cuts that would lead to a balanced budget, including layoffs. Leddy said the Board approved the budget and layoff notices have been issued. Leddy also said, “We remain in negotiations to seek alternative savings that might allow the rescinding of the layoffs in part or whole.”

The 9 layoffs include one Sheriff Sergeant, one Deputy Sheriff II, and one Sheriff Public Information Services Officer. Layoffs also include five cuts from Public Works – a custodian, three maintenance workers and a Parks and Facilities Supervisor. A District Attorney Victim Witness Advocate is also on the layoff list.

To achieve the balanced $65.9 million budget, other cuts went forward. These include furloughs or unpaid time off, workforce reduction through attrition, and re-design of some services. $1.17 million of the end of the year balance and some reserve funds were also used to balance the budget.

Leddy and Chapman had written that Mono County continues to face challenges from a “sluggish economic recovery and the reality of how the County previously did business.” They told the Board that “To transform into a truly innovative and sustainable operation, difficult choices have been made; focus and discipline in our actions is required.”

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  1. Failed Supervisors September 21, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    It’s the Supervisors job to keep the County up and Running. They put Mono County in 3 new lawsuits. Why aren’t they cutting there over paid Salaries and Benefit packages to balance the Budget?

    • Tinner September 22, 2014 at 1:23 pm #

      Because **it rolls downhill.

  2. I guess I don't understand September 21, 2014 at 1:52 pm #

    Public works is down 5 positions now. I notice that none of the layoffs are Jim.Jeff or Leslie’s secretaries. They should count the two office wemon that just left as layoffs. 5 years ago a road worker retired from Lee Vining and was not replaced. Then a transfer from Lee vining to Bridgeport was not replaced the same guy just quit and has not been replaced a parks – road worker quit and has not been replaced. A road supervisor retired and ended up leaving a spot in crowley not filled. So I guess I don’t understand where all the savings went from those positions ? It seems the money is going some where and there taking it off the backs of the employees. I would like to see the cuts be given to at will bosses as well maybe even layoff a couple of them.

  3. Just a thought September 20, 2014 at 9:18 am #

    Why don’t they curtail county employees driving cars home from Bridgeport. If they choose to live in another State they can drive their own cars to their place of employment. Plus allowing employees to move out of state has also taken taxes away from the county, kids out of our schools. Wake up Mono County you did this to yourself.


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