Mono deputy arrests three men on drug/ weapons charges


David Garza

In recent days, a Mono Sheriff’s Deputy said he saw a vehicle speeding on Highway 395 south of Bridgeport. After the deputy stopped the car, he said he noticed a strong odor of burnt marijuana. The deputy did arrest all three men in the vehicle.


Thomas Daly

Officers said that after investigation, David Garza, 41 of Loyalton, CA, said he had a medical marijuana card. The officer conducted a search of the vehicle to verify Garza was in compliance with medical marijuana laws. Officers said it was determined that Garza only had a recommendation card. He was placed under arrest for the possession of marijuana.

The two passengers were searched for weapons or drugs. Thomas Daly, 22, of Douglas, Nevada, allegedly had methamphetamine on his person. The deputy arrested him for possession of a controlled


Gregory Parker

substance. The deputy said he found Gregory Parker, 27, of Dayton, Nevada, in possession of a baton that is illegal in California. He was arrested. All three men were taken into custody at the Mono County Jail with charges pending.

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