A Mono Sheriff’s deputy on regular patrol said he saw a vehicle with an expired registration. The stop of that vehicle ended in a drug arrest.

The traffic stop took place in Lee Vining. The officer made cont5act with two people in the vehicle. They were from Grass


Jose Henriquez, 21

Valley. During this investigation, officers said that the man and woman involved displayed symptoms of “being under the influence of narcotics.

The deputy searched the vehicle and said he found several baggies containing marijuana and methamphetamine, along with narcotic paraphernalia.

Officers arrested Ashley Strickland, 20 and cited and released her at the Sheriff Station. They also arrested Jose Henriquez, 21, of Grass Valley. He was booked at the Mono County Jail and will face numerous charges, according to deputies, including possession of a controlled substance and giving false information to a peace officer.

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