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Eastern Sierra News for July 21, 2024





A Mammoth Lakes man, a real estate agent and local homeowner, was shocked when narcotics agents searched his home mono_courthouse_10-08and placed him under arrest. William Crosby has an association with a medical marijuana cooperative called Eastern Sierra Center for Holistic Wellness. He was apparently arrested in connection with activities there, however the District Attorney has not filed charges since his arrest two months ago.

Initially, narcotics agents booked Crosby on allegations of sales, cultivation and possession of marijuana. Agents alleged that Crosby had operated outside the state’s medical marijuana laws. Now, it seems, they’re not so sure.

When asked about the status of Crosby’s case, Assistant District Attorney Tim Kendall said that he has received additional information on the case which he will review before any decision to file charges.

Kendall also said that the DA’s office “would like to have the Attorney General’s new guidelines prior to filing, but that may not be possible.” Kendall said it is the office’s understanding that the AG is getting closer.

In February, members of the Eastern Sierra Center for Holistic Wellness had issued a news release which said that Crosby is a member of the Center which was described as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation organized under law as a medical marijuana cooperative. They maintain that the center and its members, including Crosby, have been in compliance with state and local laws.

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