Mono County Sheriff’s Office Warns Motorists, “Watch out for Avalanches”

Press Release – Mono Cnty Sheriff and Road Dept.warns of heavy snow and avalanche danger to motorists.

Please be advised that the Mono County Road Division has temporarily suspended snow removal operations and closed the following 3 roads due to risk of avalanche: Twin Lakes Road in Bridgeport beyond the Twin Lakes Resort, Lakeview Drive in June Lake, and Crowley Lake Drive between McGee Creek and Long Valley. These 3 Roads are closed until snow removal operations resume, when the roads will be re-opened. For additional information and updates, please visit the County’s Road Closure webpage at:

And from the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center, there is this warning:


From Facebook Page

Intense snowstorm, extreme avalanche danger, reports of multiple natural avalanches hitting 395 in Walker Canyon, one that hit a plow shortly after midnight and pushed it into the Walker River (driver is hospitalized with moderate injuries).

Avalanches off Wilson Butte near June lake hitting the highway as a result of explosive control work.

Snow emersion is a real danger even on flat ground and stay out from under roofs with heavy snow-loads that could bury or kill you.

Stay safe Eastern Sierra.

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