Mono County gearing up for fishing opener

– Mono County press release

Spring has been springing up for weeks now and anglers are itching to hit the Eastern Sierra lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams. The official fishing season opens Sat., April 25, and despite serious concerns about water throughout California, Mono County is fortunate to be blessed with abundant natural-flow lakes that are sustaining their water levels – positive news for fishing enthusiasts once again this year.


“Mono County’s high elevation, snowpack, and numerous natural-flow lakes mean that lake levels, while definitely lower than in non-drought years, remain in good shape for this year’s fishing season,” said James Erdman, California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Gary Jones, long-time owner of Silver Lake Resort in June Lake concurs. “Silver Lake is down only about 11 inches this year,” he said. “We are looking forward to a great opener and fishing season, as always.”

The reservoirs with flow controls, some creeks and rivers are facing the most challenges this season.

“If you love fishing the Bridgeport Reservoir, Grant Lake Marina or the West Walker, come early this year,” advises Jeff Simpson, economic development manager and staff member for the Mono County Fisheries Commission. “We are stocking these locations heavily in the early part of the season, so the best time to fish will be during the opener and in May, June and July.”

With an annual stocking budget of approximately $125,000, Mono County is set to plant 21 lakes, creeks and rivers with 26,800 pounds of both trophy and catchable trout. The Town of Mammoth Lakes contributes about 15,000 pounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will also be doing its part to stock fish in the area.

It is interesting to note that winter fishing has been consistently excellent in areas like the Upper Owens River where catch-and-release fishing is available after the regular fishing season closes Nov. 15 every year (special regulations apply).  According to Sierra Drifters Guide Service’s weekly fishing reports, the year-round fishing has been exceptional. Another bonus of the mild winter is that high alpine lakes will be thawed in time for the opener and most roads and campgrounds will be open and accessible.

The season kicks off April 25 with the annual Fishmas Day Celebration at Tom’s Place, the Monster Fish Contest at June Lake Loop, and the Mono Village Fishing Opener Derby at Upper Twin Lakes in Bridgeport. The Round-Up at the Lake Spring Fishing Derby at Convict Lake takes place April 26 through June 12.  See 2015 Mono County fishing events on the Mono County website:

About Mono County:

Located approximately 315 miles north of Los Angeles, and 280 miles east of San Francisco, Mono County accesses the east entrance to Yosemite National Park and beckons visitors in all seasons.  Whether taking advantage of convenient direct flights on Alaska from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), or arriving by car on the all-weather US Hwy. 395, the Eastern Sierra’s vast playground is an easily reached destination.  US Hwy. 395, which traverses Mono County from north to south, is a State Designated Scenic Byway offering motorists tremendous vistas right from the steering wheel and countless side-roads, hiking trails, lakes, and roadside villages to explore.  For more information or to request guides, or call 800-845-7922.

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2 Responses to Mono County gearing up for fishing opener

  1. earl duran April 20, 2015 at 8:09 am #

    Watch out for the local Brown shirts, they will be lurking about.

  2. Philip Anaya April 15, 2015 at 7:41 am #

    The most appealing aspect to the Opener, for this catch and release hack, are the memories of half century of seeing, rather than catching trout in the stream . Add to that are the daydreams of Openers all these years down in the City and the changes, my own personal evolution, of the ideas of trout, first and foremost being the idea of trout, dwelling and swimming in the stream, each and every minute, each and every day. If you love to fish, maybe don’t go there because sooner or later you too may become an observer of fish , of the nature involved with their existence. You’ll be standing alongside the stream with the sounds of water rushing , of the wind in the trees , the sounds of critters and sooner or later , maybe this becomes more important than the senseless issues of meat fishermen vs those who fish with flys . Don’t you love to see moms and dads passing on skills, knowledge and traditions to their kids . Isn’t that what’s important in the world . “Give a kid a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a kid to fish, you feed him for a lifetime ” .
    I don’t understand how the social politcal aspects of the influences of Groups on the DFW are benefitting the experiences alongside the stream these days . Issues and the health of the fisheries of the trout whether native , wild , planted ,rainbow, cuthroat , brown are not being clearly considered these days . Management has become an overriding “force of nature” . Never have I appreciated less the idea of groups with the conscienceness of “we know better than you ” . Management like nature should evolve in a natural way . It has to include ideas and solutions that are clear widely held common knowledge and practice and allows for the unfolding of individual choice within the boundaries of that developed and dedicated enforcement code. This is America , this is about nature in the “land of the free” and so it should be for every trout, swimming in the stream having an equal chance to exist especially on Opening Day .


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