Mono County COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out

Covid-19 vaccinations roll-out in Mono County

Mono County’s Public Health Department has set up a system to help residents, figuratively, get in line for the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Bryan Wheeler, the County’s Public Health Director, outlined the schedule at this week’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting. Like Inyo, Mono is following the phased and tiered recommendations set out by the California Public Health.

All the information on the State’s phases and tiers are on the County’s website, along with a confidential questionnaire.

Vaccination and registration information can be found at the following Mono County website: . Then scroll down to “Pre-Registration for Vaccinations Now Available.

Registration will be followed up by an e-mail from the Public Health Department with an appointed time to register for a vaccine appointment.

Wheeler explained scheduling vaccines beyond the initial tier is difficult. Counties don’t know what vaccines will be available until the Wednesday of each week. All of the initial doses were administered this past weekend.

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