One more medical marijuana issue which now unfolds in Mammoth Lakes and Mono County. Tony Barrett of Mammoth said he proposed to prepare edible medical marijuana products for


Tony Barrett says some medical marijuana patients would rather eat their medicine than smoke it.

the co-op, Green Mammoth. Some people prefer to eat their medicine instead of smoke it, Barrett pointed out. But the Mono Health Department and County Counsel’s office say the State has not issued guidelines on medical marijuana in food, and they can’t grant permission.

Mono County Health Director Linda Salcido said when her department was asked to approve Barrett’s plan, they took the issue to the County Counsel. Marijuana, she said, is an unregulated additive. In other words, how much marijuana should go in one cookie or brownie?

John Vallejo of the Mono County Counsel’s office said that the Town of Mammoth ordinance on medical marijuana requires that co-ops have any required licenses. He said the County is required to enforce the State Health and Safety Code. Vallejo said the State has not yet issued a statewide regulation on edible medical marijuana. He said there’s “a lot of noise out there on this.”

Bottom line – Vallejo said they need a state regulation in place for the county to approve the sale of these products. Mono County Counsel Marshall Rudolph said “It’s a tough spot to be in. We’re approaching this carefully.” He said that he and his office are starting dialogue with Town Attorney Andrew Morris and with co-op owners.

Vallejo said, “We’re hopeful through conversations and meetings we can arrive at an approach that will work for everyone.”

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