MONO COUNTY ALERT MARCH 5 @10:15 AM: Caltrans Crews and Equipment Arriving Today and Tomorrow

(03/05/23) – In response to the local and statewide emergency declarations, the Mono County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been notified that Caltrans crews and equipment will be arriving today and tomorrow to support local storm recovery efforts.  Approximately 25 people and 20 additional pieces of equipment are expected to arrive over the next two days.

? Initial Deployment:

✔️ Two crews to Bridgeport area

✔️ Graders and plow trucks focused on 167 from Hawthorne and 395 over Conway

✔️ Plow trucks in Lee Vining/June Lake

Plows and graders will be based in Bishop and working McGee/Mammoth/Lee Vining/266.  They will also be hauling snow out of Mammoth, June Lake, Lee Vining, and Bridgeport.  These crews can be shifted based on need.  The plan is for them to be here for two weeks, working 24-hour shifts.

Please bookmark the READY Mono portal to access the most current information related to this winter storm series.


Office of Emergency Management: (760) 924-4633

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Wayne Merchant
Wayne Merchant
6 months ago

Very strange we don’t get a big snow storm for a few years and it’s like they forgot how to do it yes I understand there was some major storms but when the sun is shining for 5 or 6 days and it’s still encouraging the roads indicates there’s an… Read more »