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Date:       August 12, 2020
District:   9 – Bishop
MONO COUNTY – Caltrans has begun construction on the Mono Chain Up Area Project located on U.S. Highway 395 and U.S. Highway 6.
This $2,571,000 project is expected to be in construction over 65 working days and will install lighting, upgrade culverts, construct new chain control turnouts, elongate existing chain control turnouts, and replace old signage. The six locations that will receive chain control turnout upgrades or additions are:
U.S. Highway 6:
·        2.4 miles north of Chalfant Road
o  Construct a new 500-foot chain control turnout, extend existing culvert and add chain control sign
U.S. Highway 395:
·        2.7 miles south of Lower Rock Creek Road
o  Existing turnout will be lengthened to 500 feet to the north and 500 feet to the south, and two culverts will be extended.
·        0.3 miles north of Rock Creek Road
o  Install solar-powered lighting and new guardrail
·        0.2 miles south of the northbound offramp to State Route 203
o  Construct a new 1,000-foot paved chain control turnout and install additional lighting supplied by an existing power source
·        0.2 miles north of the southbound offramp to State Route 203
o  Lengthen existing turnout 250 feet to the north and 250 feet to the south, and install additional lighting supplied by an existing power source
·        Just south of the junction of State Route 270/Bodie Road
o  Lengthen existing turnout 500 feet to the south, install lighting and a new transformer protected by guardrail, and improve drainage.
Six locations along U.S. Highway 395 will receive new turnoff signs at existing chain control turnouts:
·        2.2 miles north of the Inyo/Mono County line
·        3.2 miles north of the Inyo/Mono County line
·        At Mt. Morrison Road
·        At Sherwin Creek Road
·        At the south junction of State Route 158 (June Lake Loop)
·        1.5 miles north of Virginia Lakes Road
Work is scheduled Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The shoulders for these locations will close during the project. There will be temporary outside lane closures on U.S. Highway 395 to help crews bring in material. Work on the U.S. Highway 6 location will require one-way traffic control, but it is not scheduled to begin until Monday, August 23.
Travelers are asked to be attentive to workers on the highway, slow for the cone zone and move over whenever possible to provide additional clearance. Be Safe and Be Work Zone Alert!
Work schedules are subject to change due to traffic incidents, weather, availability of equipment and/or materials, and/or construction-related issues.
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