Mono Assessor Will Begin “Treatment”

Mono Assessor Jim Lovett was on the Mono Supervisors agenda Tuesday to provide a status report for his department, an appearance that was scheduled prior to Lovett’s arrest for DUI last week, but he did not show. His Assistant also revealed that Lovett plans to begin some type of treatment.

In his stead was Assistant Assessor Bob Musil, who updated the Board on the necessary qualifications to run for Assessor, the backlog of properties awaiting re-assessment, the current number of Proposition 8 reductions in the county, and the status of pending assessment appeals.

Musil also reported on the progress of the assessment of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area from the 2005 sale to Starwood, which Musil said is scheduled for completion in August.

Supervisor Tom Farnetti asked the administration and county counsel to research how the county might request a partial payment from the ski area, so the county could distribute the funds to the districts who are desperately awaiting the revenues.

In addition to providing the update on activities within the Assessor’s department, Musil was asked to explain why Lovett was not attending. Musil responded that Lovett had called a meeting with his staff that morning, during which he admitted to “suffering from a disease,” and that he was meeting with his doctor “to begin treatment.” Musil said Lovett could be out of the office for as long as two weeks.

Lovett was arrested for alleged Driving Under the Influence last week in the Bridgeport area. He was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear in court March 4th.

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