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Eastern Sierra News for June 20, 2024





While Mono County's Assessor keeps a low profile, the effort to recall him continues. Reporter Tony Dublino filed this information:

At the Mono Board of Supervisors' meeting, officials and citizens involved in the recall effort talked about the progress. Dorothy Burdette, June Lake citizen leading the county-wide effort to recall Assessor Jim Lovett, talked to the Board about critical dates. Signatures on the recal petition must go to the Election's Department by December 26th.

To qualify for a recall election, citizens must come up with 1,630 valid signatures. Ms. Burdette mentioned that she, personally, has collected 450 signatures.

Burdette says others have also collected signatures, but she did not have an exact total. Once signatures are submitted, Elections officials have until January 25, 2008 to certify the signatures. If there are adequate signatures, the Supervisors can issue an order to hold an election at their February 5th meeting. The election must then be held 88 to 125 days from the date of the order.

Officials said it is likely that if a recall election does occur, it will likely take placed during the June 3, 2008 statewide primary election.

Unhappiness with the Assessor has been named by Supervisors and citizens as a perceived drinking problem, failure to work more than 12 hours or so per week and alleged tardiness in re-assessing Mammoth Mountain Ski Area after the sale to Starwood.