Mono County’s Assessor, who faced a re-call election in June, will officially retire May 30th. The re-call election will still go forward.

Assessor Jim Lovett faced public ridicule by the Board of Supervisors and members of the public, who accused him of drinking on the job and failing to come to work. At one point, Lovett had gone to re-hab, at the insistence of the Board of Supervisors.

More recently, Lovett was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the Bridgeport area. In fact, Lovett was scheduled for a court appearance in that case next Tuesday, May 6th.

When asked about the effect of Lovett’s retirement on the re-call election, Mono County Administrator Dave Wilbrecht said the re-call election goes forward. There are two parts to the election – yes or no on re-call and then a vote for an Assessor’s candidate. Now, the critical vote is that for an Assessor.

Wilbrecht said the top vote-getter will be elected as the new Assessor. Wilbrecht emphasized the importance of this vote for assessor since there will be none after the end of May. Up for election are Assistant Assessor Bob Musil, Jody Henning, M. Stewart Bownes and Keith R. Cook.

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