Mammoth Town Council: Money to spare, on-line tax payment, and tourism agreement

mltc8_6_13According to the Town Council agenda packet, the pre-audit actual financial results for last fiscal year for Town government show a fund balance left over of more than $1.9 million. Surprising news after years of budget hand-wringing.

Some of the savings came from not spending money on lawyers, not spending money on Town administration and other departments and an increase of $974,500 in Transient Occupancy Tax, Property Tax and other revenues.

The Council will consider a resolution that recognizes the money left in the budget at the end of June and places that money in various accounts and expenditures. For one thing, the resolution calls for the Council to set aside more than $1.3 million in the Reserve for Economic Uncertainty. The Council would also dedicate $400,000 to hire consultants to work on the General Plan, zoning and other issues. They would dedicate $100,000 for new Finance Software and set up a $100,000 contingency line item.

And, in other issues, if all went better than the federal website for health care, Mammoth will have an on-line system today for the management of Transient Occupancy Tax and Tourism Business Improvement District assessments. Officials planned to inform the Town Council tonight.

Town and County staff have been working to start up an on-line system, including a way to pay the taxes on-line. Nate Greenberg was scheduled to make the presentation to the Council with an overview of the project, the current status and future goals.

Under the Consent Agenda, the Council would ask Mono County to help fund the 2014 July 4th Fireworks and celebration held at Crowley Lake. Under Policy Matters, the Council will consider approval of the Mammoth Lakes Tourism agreement for providing the Town’s tourism attraction, marketing and branding services.


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Fact Checker
Fact Checker
7 years ago

$1.9 million, thank you MMM.

Why in the world would you fire the one who made this happen?

The boneheads who got us into this mess will do it again unless we do something different.

Can you say TWO, TWO TOWN MANGERS at once?

When they say HIRE, get ready to raise the bureaucratic flag again and alert the masses that Mammoth is handing out massive pensions for little or no work.

I’m discussed, all this after years of a bankruptcy scam.

Reserve for Economic Uncertainty… What a crock of crap! It’s our prudent reserve that the tax eating council took from us to pay their friends pensions. When will the two council thieves vote to pay back all the money they stole for their special interests. What ever happened to the millions of dollars from the parking lot fund???

This is just the start, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Start watching every penny or they will steal Mammoth blind again…

7 years ago
Reply to  Fact Checker

Not a word about the crony contract John Urdi is going to get for orchestrating the stealing of millions in Taxpayer dollars for private use, without a vote of the people Fact Checker?

The crooks are still running the show, just a different set this point in time.

The local media won’t dare say a word about these shenanigan$ or they’ll get cut out of their piece of the TBID/MMSA marketing pie.

More smoke and mirrors by the plutocrats, vote with your money minions, the only real voice we have!

Benett Kessler
Benett Kessler
7 years ago
Reply to  Curious

Local media have reported on a lot about TBID, which was voted on by a majority of businesses participating.
Benett Kessler