MLRT’s ‘The Crucible’: A chilling tale of hysteria

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Mammoth Lakes, Calif. – Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre (MLRT) and Artistic Director Shira Dubrovner announce the opening of its fall production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” October 19 through October 29. It is a dramatized and partially fictionalized account of the actual Salem witch trials that took place in 1692-1693; its timing just prior to Halloween is purely coincidental.


Miller wrote the play in 1953 when America was prosecuting alleged communists. The “red scare” became an obsession, working its way through all aspects of American life from the state department to Hollywood. It was a campaign of fear, that turned people against each other, destroying lives, careers and friendships in its wake. Miller wrote that it “paralyzed a whole generation and in a short time dried up the habits of trust and toleration.” Miller turned to the Salem witch trials of 1692 as an allegory to shine a light on the hysteria that enveloped the nation.

“The Crucible” is a chilling tale of hysteria taking over a community driven by rumor and lies, finger pointing, vengeance, adultery, religion, passion, commitment to community, and more.

“This play has always blown me away, said Dubrovner. “It’s timely and rich with character. I’m hoping it makes the audience ask questions, that it inspires them to think twice before accepting facts as facts. It’s amazing how timely the story is today.”

The MLRT production features a large cast of mostly local actors including Ted Carleton and Allison McDonell Page as John and Elizabeth Proctor, Mike Aguirre as Judge Hathorne, Lesley-Anne Hoxie as Abigail, Mike Dostrow as Reverend Hale, Tim Casey of Mono City as Reverend Parris, and a past long-time resident, Greg Young who returns from San Luis Obisbo to play Judge Danforth.

Tickets are available online in advance at for $20 general admission, $18 for seniors, $10 for students, thanks to a special grant from Jane Deming Fund. Tickets at the door are $22 (sorry, no discounts).

For more information about this show or the entire season visit the theatre’s website at



WHEN: Thu – Sat Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 26-28 at 7pm; Sun Oct. 22 and 29 at 4pm

WHERE: Edison Theatre; 100 College Parkway

COST: $20/$18/10 (students) ($22 at the door–no exceptions)


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