MLPD scam warning

mlpd_3-23-10.jpgSCAM ALERT

Beware of a telephone call from subject claiming that he/she is employed with S.C.E. using telephone number (760) 600-7023 (Magic Jack) and or using the name of Angel Martinez or any other name.


Two business owners in town was contacted (by telephone) by a subject named Angel Martinez.  The subject told the business owners that he is with S.C.E. and that there power will be shut off in fifty-five minutes unless he pays $495.55 by way of Green Dot.  The subject told the business owner to go to Rite Aid and purchase a Green Dot card with the indicated dollar amount.  The subject also gave the business owner a fourteen digit case number.

Fortunately the business owners didn’t follow through with the request/scam.

If you’ve been contacted by the above mentioned scam please contact your local police department.

Detective Doug Hornbeck

Mammoth Lakes Police Department


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7 years ago

He just tried to get me. Fortunately, I didn’t fall for it.

7 years ago

Same thing happened here. Before I hung up,I asked where to send the money,
His name Angel Martinez 760 600 7023
Po box 7329 mammoth lake ca 93546

7 years ago

Magic Jack, Angel Martinez. Sounds like they could be cousins of Carlos Danger.