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Eastern Sierra News for July 21, 2024





Mammoth Police report a busy weekend in Town with multiple DUIs, drunk in public calls, along with minor traffic accidents. There were also more significant arrests including a burglary from a local sporting goods store and an assault on a cab driver.

Mammoth Lakes Police Sergeant Karen Smart reports that Friday night, a local cab driver was allegedly assaulted by a passenger. Sgt. Smart explained that Mammoth Lakes resident Dustin Rasnick, is alleged to have put a choke hold on the cabdriver after a dispute about the cab fare. The dispute may have arisen over extra fare that the cabdriver asked for after another passenger is reported to have vomited in the cab.

Smart says that Rasnick is alleged to have leaned forward in the cab and applied a choke hold to the driver. This ended up in a fight that spilled out into the street, when a Mammoth resident, who had stepped outside for a smoke, spotted the brawl and called 911 and attempted to break up the fight, Sgt. Smart reports. Rasnick was arrested for alleged felony assault.

On Saturday, a 38-year-old Chino resident named Javier Mendoza is alleged to have walked into a busy local sporting goods store and walked out with a $3600 mountain bike. Working with staff at the sporting goods store, police copied the serial number on the bike and watched surveillance tape of the crime in action.

Sgt. Smart reports that officers then put out the word that they were looking for a suspect and the bike. On Sunday, heads up staff at the Bike Park at Mammoth Mountain spotted what they believed to be the bike and called security who detained the suspect. The bike was reportedly a match.

Sgt. Smart said that Mendoza was arrested for alleged burglary.

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