Unemployment in the Eastern Sierra holds stable and even sees a drop, after the latest numbers from the state are released.

state_capitol_1-12-09The United States as a whole dropped in July to 9.4%. California unemployment continues to rise at 11.9%, up over June at 11.6% and far higher than July of 2008 when unemployment statewide was listed at 7.3%.

For the Month of July, Mono County checked in with an unemployment rate of 10.6% down from 12.4%, in June, but far higher than last year when July checked in at 6.5% unemployment. According to the state numbers unemployment is running at one in ten people looking for work, for a total of 850 people looking for work.

So far this year unemployment has been higher than 2008 which checked in at 6% for the year. Up until 2008 unemployment in Mono County has run at about 5% unemployed since the turn of the century.

For Inyo County, the state shows a steady unemployment rate. The 9.7% unemployment for July matches the revised numbers for June which were revised upward to 9.7%. Inyo County is listed as having 890 people looking for work. Inyo County unemployment has also been running higher than average 6.7% listed for 2008, which was also the highest rate since the turn of the century.

With the drop in unemployment, Mono is now listed as 13th out of 58 counties in California. Inyo comes in at the seventh lowest. Marin County has the lowest rate in the state at 8.2%. Imperial County continues to hold the highest unemployment rate in California at 30.2%.

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