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Eastern Sierra News for July 25, 2024





Mammoth Police officers report three methamphetamine related arrests over the weekend. According to a Police Department press release, the arrests were the result of a two-month investigation into the sale of controlled substances from a residence on Joaquin Street.

Officers report that Mono Narcotics Team agents along with the MLPD served a search warrant on the Joaquin street residence on Saturday. 30 year old Gilberto Vega and 19 year old Saul Carranza, were arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession for sales, and possession of methamphetamine smoking paraphernalia.

Officers report that Agents seized a small amount of methamphetamine, cash, scale, packaging materials, and other items related to the sale of narcotics.

Also arrested at the house on Joaquin was 21 year old Juan Mendoza for possession of methamphetamine, smoking paraphernalia and less than one ounce of marijuana.

Police say that if you would like to anonymously report any suspected drug activity in your neighborhood contact Mono Narcotics Agent Paul Robles at 934-2011 extension 67.

Also, early Sunday morning, Mammoth Police arrested Alexander Eppes after an incident at Hennesey’s bar. Lt. Jim Short reports that the man was arrested for allegedly packing a loaded .45 caliber pistol in his waist band. According to the police log, Eppes was arrested for carrying a loaded fire arm in public, carrying a concealed weapon with out a permit, and public intoxication.

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