Message to Mammoth Mountain Bikers

To head off some of the same problems that face motorized vehicle users on public lands, the Director of the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, Dave Geirman, is asking those who ride the summer slopes to please stay on designated trails.

The Ski Area sits on Forest Service land and can suffer resource damage by errant bikers. To keep erosion and trail proliferation under control,

Geirman is taking pro-active measures to appeal to common sense and to keep the park out of trouble with the Forest Service.

Geirman says that some riders who have veered off trails have damaged the land. It is public land. Our responsibility to the Forest Service is to keep people on the trails

Instead of pulling passes if bikers cut trails, Geirman says that Mountain staff tries to explain the logic of staying on the existing trails. Usually that works, he says. His message to those who ride the in the bike park is to come out and have a good time, but stay on the existing trails.


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