Memorial Day Tioga Pass Opener Possible

Mono County officials expect Tioga Pass to be open by Memorial Day. The latest reports from the National Park Service say that plow crews have made good progress toward opening the Pass Road.

Tioga Pass remains closed, but Park Service crews have pushed through to Tuolumne Meadows. Working six days a week, park crews report that the plows had about five miles to go to reach the pass. Park officials say that Caltrans has plowed to the pass from the east side.

Mono County plow crews have also been at work on this group effort to clear the important thoroughfare for the Eastern Sierra. Now that Caltrans has plowed to the pass, Mono County will work from east to west to meet up with the Park Service crews which will head up to the pass from Tuolumne Meadows. County officials say the goal is to have the road open by Memorial Day, though the Park Service makes no guarantee that the road will be ready.

In years past, the section of the road at Olmstead Point has been the scene of danger and difficulty in dealing with avalanches. So far this year, the crews have plowed through this area. Crews are assessing this area and others on a day to day basis to check on the avalanche danger and determine if measures such as blasting need to be taken.



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