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The Big Pine Civic Club is sponsoring the 4th District Supervisor Candidates
Forum on January 21st 6:30 at Town Hall
For more information, contact Cindy 760/938-2868

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Tourism and agriculture carry the top two spots in Inyo County’s income stream. Our
final candidate for the Fourth District Supervisorial seat has a handle on both.
Jennifer Roeser heads up McGee Creek Pack Station, working with her husband Lee. The
operation runs, obviously, out of McGee Creek, south of Mammoth Lakes, but Roeser’s actual
home is on Black Rock Springs Road between Independence and Big Pine.
She grew up in a farming family. While she was in high school, her family moved to the
Eastern Sierra and bought the pack station. That’s been the focus of her life ever since.
“I love my home. We’re blessed to live here,” she said. “I’ve spent a lifetime acquiring
skills. I want to put that to good use.” She’s served on other organization boards and considers
public service an honorable pursuit.
Those skills extend beyond coaxing mules through mountain passes, though the
patience and tact that requires would be very applicable. Roeser is involved in local and
national packer organizations. She’s had to interface with both state and national government
entities, become involved in land use policies, learned to deal with budgets and competing
Roughly 20 years ago, the packing industry was under attack by groups that didn’t want
to share the mountain trails with horses and mules. The issue was eventually resolved in civil
court, Roeser said. “We just had to barrel through.” The anti-packer group ended up with a
nugget of what they were after, she added, but the packing industry in the eastern Sierra
Nevada Mountains survived.
Roeser was also involved in the push to get the Alabama Hills designated a National
Scenic Area. She attributes consensus building backed by strong leadership as a model for
getting things done. “It’s not about what I want to do if I’m elected,” she said. “I want to listen

to what the people want done. I want to be an advocate for what my constiuents want, not
subvert the public’s interests for mine.”
Roeser is proud Inyo County has lived within its budget. She sees government as a
facilitator in matters like the housing shortage. The key to that solution would be the private
sector; the County’s job would be to create a structure to encourage solutions.
District 4 residents can ask Roeser and the other two candidates their own questions
January 21 when the Big Pine Civic Club will sponsor a candidate forum at the Town Hall on
Dewey Street, starting at 6:30. The Independence Civic Club is also holding a candidate forum
on February 3.

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