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Heather Lind is challenging incumbent Jeff Griffiths for the District 2 Supervisor’s seat in
Inyo County. “I’m not a career politician,” she said. “I want to give people a choice.”

“I’ve always been interested in local politics,” she said. It was the late Jim Tatum who
suggested she look into serving on the City’s Planning Commission in 2017. Lind went through
the process and was chosen to serve. “I love this community and the people,” she said. “And, I
believe in public service.”

Lind noted the high turn-over rate at the County and feels there should be room for
growth and that the employees feel their needs are being met. “I want to lead by example, not
by force,” she said.

District 2 includes all of the City of Bishop, Laws and points south east. “This is a unique
district,” Lind noted. “I can work well with the city and work hard for the district.”
While revitalization is important, “we don’t want to be Mammoth,” she said. “This is
one of the last places where you can jump on your horse and ride out.” During a recent meet
and greet at the Fairgrounds and days spent knocking on doors, district residents have
indicated their concerns include off-road recreation and access, housing, the homeless,
community safety and the preservation of Bishop’s small town feeling.

Lind went first to housing. She supports creative mixed-use zoning, one of the tools
available to the City. The concept would include encouraging the conversion of second stories
of retail buildings to residential, a possible solution to the influx of young people to the area.
Lind cited that zoning change as way to revitalize the downtown corridor as well as put a dent
in the need for housing.

Another focus, if elected, would be to keep high school graduates here in the Valley. She
would encourage Cerro Coso Community College and the Inyo Superintendent of Schools to develop programs that would transition high school students from apprenticeships to good
paying local jobs.

At the other end of her potential constituents’ spectrum, Lind acknowledged the
importance of meeting the needs of Bishop’s senior citizens.
An obvious motivation for Lind’s campaign is to bring more diversity to the currently all-
male Board.

Lind is an East Side native. She worked for Inyo County for 13 years as a probation
officer and one year for the Inyo Register as advertising manager. She has two associate
degrees from Cerro Coso and a bachelor’s in criminal justice from California State University,
Bakersfield. Lind currently works as a substitute teacher. Her father-in-law is the late Carl Lind
who set a high bar for public service with his involvement in Mule Days and on the Bishop
Unified School District.

Stay tuned Monday for a conversation with the incumbent, Jeff Griffiths.

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