Steve Klassen spearheaded the right to open medical marijuana dispensaries in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. It was a lengthy process, including a vote of the people.  Now, following news that a U.S.


Green Mammoth was located at 94 Laurel Mt. Road in Mammoth Lakes.

Attorney would meet with the Mono DA’s office over dispensary operations, Klassen has closed the doors of his outlet, Green Mammoth.

On Tuesday, Klassen told the Sierra Wave that he had made the decision to close Green Mammoth.  He said he called the Mammoth Lakes Police Department and withdrew his application for permit renewal. While there has been no direct effort to close Mammoth’s dispensaries, the broader news looks threatening.  Klassen said, “Because of conflicting information I can’t continue.  I can’t risk imminent closure.”

News reports have indicated that multiple letters are being sent out, threatening landlords with property seizure and prosecution if dispensaries are not booted out.  Faced with “a letter or a possible raid, I am not comfortable remaining open,” said Klassen.  He called it disheartening. A crusader for individual rights, Klassen said, “It’s a baseline of human rights to use the medicine you know will help you.”

Earlier, Assistant Mono District Attorney Tim Kendall had said that all 34 counties that are represented in the Eastern District of California have been invited to a sit down with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District. That includes Mono County. Kendall said this invitation has been extended to the DA’s in the other Districts as well.  The topic of discussion is medical marijuana dispensary operation.

There has been no current news about Mammoth’s other dispensary, Mammoth Lakes Wellness, owned by Robert Calvert.

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