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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





From the Daily Star in England to Australia and Switzerland, U.S. media has been joined by newspapers and television around the world to cover the latest chapter in the Charles Manson story unfolding in Inyo County – new plans to dig for bodies in the old Manson hideout at Barker Ranch. We carried that report last week, but this week the word has spread around the globe.

Today, television and internet news outlets ran photos of Manson, who is now 73 and an inmate at Corcoran State Prison. Manson is still the curiosity that can rouse media to attention. His 60s cult family and their brutal killing spree spawned a book, movie and countless articles of speculation about the strange bunch.

Today, the British paper, Daily Star spoke of the soil samples which revealed traces of DNA at Barker Ranch. The modest-sized Inyo Sheriff’s Department has shouldered the responsibility of supervising a dig for graves and of keeping worldwide media at a safe distance while allowing in local reporters and pool cameras for networks.

Media calls were pouring in to Inyo Sheriff Bill Lutze who is now a nationally known law enforcement figure. His department will supervise the painstaking dig in Death Valley that starts May 20th.