Measure R Awards in the Spring

Mammoth’s Measure R will continue rolling forward now that Town Council has approved the Measure R tool/application, the process schedule and the budget recommendations.

Measure R, the .5 cent increase to Mammoth’s sales tax, began to be collected on Oct. 1, 2008. Town staff and the Tourism and Recreation Commission plan to run a test pilot of the awarding process this spring using the money collected from October, November and December 2008.

The Measure R tool plans to use project priorities from the Trails Master Plan and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to determine how to award dollars collected. However, since these two plans will not have been adopted by Town Council before the spring because both are awaiting environmental review processes, the Tourism and Recreation Commission will come up with priority projects to be used during the test pilot run.

Also, in order to allow the Measure R process to pay for itself, administration fees to process applications will be pulled from the Measure R funds. However, Council voted to put an 8 percent cap on those fees. Any leftover funds in an award period will be rolled back into the Measure R fund to be used in the next cycle. The first official awarding period is expected to occur this fall. Preliminary numbers for the amount of Measure R funds collected in October 2008 were $60,000.

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